SATs: Smithbrook Tuition’s Quickfire Questions

What are SATs?

  • SATs stands for Standard Assessment Tests
  • They are assessments that monitor your child’s educational progress at the end of years 2 and 6
  • They usually take place in May

When should you/your child start preparing for SATs?

At Smithbrook Tuition we offer support all year round to Year 2 and Year 6 children who are preparing for SATs. However, the Spring Term is usually our most popular period parents request SATs preperation.

How Can Smithbrook Tuition help prepare your children for SATs?


  • identify areas in which children need extra support e.g.
    • specific topics in maths
    • handwriting
    • creative writing
  • look at how to answer comprehension questions
  • work through practise papers where appropriate

Want to know more?

Smithbrook Tuition has a number of articles explaining SATs in more depth:

Our team of teachers at Smithbrook Tuition are very experienced in helping children achieve their full potential in SATs exams. Please call Sue on 01483 26 82 82 or email Sue at to book your free assessment today.

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