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World Book Day

World book day is a really important day as it encourages school children to read for fun, it also helps children read for fun that ...

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Accessing Audio for Reluctant Readers

Reading is one of the most important things a parent can encourage a child to do to enhance their education. However, some children do not engage with reading, and at Smithbrook Tuition we have found that is usually because they find it too challenging.

Five Reasons Why Smithbrook Tuition is Great!

1.Highly skilled teachers We employ qualified teachers who have taught in variety of schools, both primary and secondary. They bring a wealth of experience to ...

Creative Writing: Why is it so important?

We have had more and more requests to include creative writing into our regular tuition sessions. So we have designed a stand-alone course that your child can do during the summer holidays. But just why is creative writing so important?

Five Dyslexia Reading Aids That Actually Work

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that largely affects skills involved in reading and spelling. Children who have dyslexia often struggle with with phonological awareness, verbal ...