What you need to know to excel at A level Biology

The current A level Biology exam is all about applying knowledge to the questions. The days have past when a student just needed to regurgitate facts.

Although a good knowledge of the topics is crucial there is also a need to be able to interpret which areas of the curriculum are needed to answer the questions. A question will not be just based on a single topic but will need the student to apply knowledge from multiple parts of the syllabus.

So how can a student prepare for the exams. for

  • A good subject knowledge and understanding of each topic is key
  • Learn the relevant terminology
  • Identify from the question the different aspects that are needed to give a good answer
  • Understand what is an acceptable answer
  • Study past paper answer booklets in conjunction with the question paper
  • Guided revision or help with understanding concepts from an experience teacher is also helpful




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