Smithbrook Tuition – Face to Face Teaching in a Supportive Learning Environment

Tuition to boost your child’s academic progress and help them to succeed at school. Smithbrook Tuition develops and teaches personalised lessons for students of all abilities for ages 6 to 16+.

Your fully qualified local tutor provides professional tuition leading to rapid improvement and lasting results.

Smithbrook Tuition free assessement booking

Located near Cranleigh and Godalming, we carry out a free assessment which identifies any strengths and weaknesses in your child’s education. Individual tutoring programmes are designed to maximise your child’s progress and achieve goals. Our tutors ensure that he or she is extended and challenged by their tutoring sessions, but never overwhelmed.

We make learning fun at Smithbrook Tuition. A relaxed and productive atmosphere gives the centre more of an ‘after school club’ feel. Our tutors combine traditional teaching, textbooks, activity sheets and computers ensuring all concepts are thoroughly understood before progressing to the next stage. Concentration improves and your child becomes motivated, confident and successful.

What We Do: English and Maths Tuition

We provide professional, expert tuition in English and maths at Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and up to and including GCSE. Our tutors also help to prepare students for SATs and entrance exams, including Common Entrance. Through our ‘personal’ tutoring service, our teachers inspire children to love learning and reach their potential.

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Many parents worry about how their children are getting on at school and whether they are reaching the appropriate literacy or numeracy standards for their age.  At Smithbrook Tuition we provide a free, no obligation assessment and discuss the results with you afterwards. You will find out how your child is performing at school and we will highlight any areas where your child is experiencing difficulties.

Whether there is a problem or if you feel your child is not being sufficiently challenged, we will explain how we will be able to help your child with our tutoring services.

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Why People Love Us

Thank you so much for all the help you have given J over the last few years with both his maths and English. His self-belief and confidence have grown alongside his grades at school – Andrea

Thank you ever so much for helping me in maths and for giving me so much more confidence and helping me tackle things that I couldn’t have done before. I will miss you ever so much and I think everyone who works there is super kind. If anyone is struggling I will recommend Smithbrook Tuition a five-star tutor place. – Lottie

These last two years have been great. I couldn’t have done GCSE Maths without you, thank you so much! – Sam

Thrilled to say that he has been offered a place at Reigate and then a curve ball from RGS. After some research, I realise is pretty unheard of. Huge thanks again to you for all the work you have done with W, there’s no way we would be in this position without you!!

Thank you and others for your help in my tuition. Because of this, I was offered a place at Reed’s and RGS! – Ned

Going to Smithbrook Tuition helps me in my maths and English because the teachers put things in a way that I get “the hang of it”. I like that they take time to explain and make me practice until I get it. It makes concentrating hard for a while worthwhile. – Jack