World Book Day

World book day is a really important day as it encourages school children to read for fun, it also helps children read for fun that are from financially disadvanted backgrounds. Smithbrook Tuition firmly believes that reading is the basis of so many important skills in education and in life. We also believe that it does … Read more

Why You Should Acknowledge and Identify Dyslexia

Dyslexia is often seen as a disadvantage, something to be ashamed of, something that can be changed or cured!

This is simply not the case, dyslexia is just a term identifying that someones brain works in a particular way. It is only the constructs of our society and educational system that makes people with dyslexia feel like they are stupid or ill.

3 Easy Ways to Teach Your Child Environmentally Friendly Habits

Teach children eco habits

How do you teach your child to lead a more environmentally friendly life, when you’re still working it out for yourself? It’s true, that children take cues from their parents. So setting a good example is paramount to how you want to shape your child’s habits.  Yes, recycling, picking up litter, turning the lights off … Read more