Transitioning from primary school to secondary school

Moving from primary school to secondary school can seem like a big step. Of course, if your child is moving on with friends then it becomes a little less daunting.

Helping your child to settle into their new school

Most secondary schools will offer a range of initiatives designed to help your child to settle in and these might include:

  • Information booklets about the secondary schools,
    open days
  • Talks by the secondary teachers and meetings with other children and staff
  • Visits to secondary schools for whole classes at primary school or for families, where they can see examples of work and sample lessons
  • Visits by Year 7 teachers to feeder primary schools to help familiarise children with the teachers they will meet
  • Some schools structure the first day of Year 7 so that the children are the only pupils at the school and can experience the space and facilities without older pupils around.

Children are more likely to transition successfully where they are able to develop new friendships and their environment allows their self-esteem and confidence to grow. This should foster a growing interest in school and schoolwork. Their increased confidence should also allow them more easily to take on board their new routines and become accustomed to the school organisation.

Making sure that your child is ready academically for the new challenges of secondary school is also important. If your child is in need of a little help, do look at Smithbrook Tuition for more information, as we help a lot of children prepare for the move into secondary education.

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