5 Amazing English Language Jobs

English language will probably be a strength in any job you choose. It helps you to communicate opinions and ideas effectively; having a good grasp of English language skills will help you in every day life.

The benefits are endless, with great communication you can achieve incredible things, whether it is convincing an interviewer to hire you for that dream job or simply persuading friends to agree with you.

Actually, whenever you influence, inform or connect with people, English is your best friend.

1. Sports Journalist

All journalists are highly skilled in English language. Newspaper columnists, radio presenters and commentators all posses very similar skill sets. Not only do they have to report in an incredibly concise and entertaining manner, they also have the ability to interview people, sometimes with very little time to extract important information. Sports Journalists take up many forms and commentators and presenters that you see on the TV have the highest grasp of English language. Some can even conduct interviews at high speed, terrible weather and, when it comes to Sir Ben Ainslie, in a sail boat at sea.

2. Chocolate Company Marketer

Do you like chocolate? Would you be happy explaining to the world why chocolate is so great? Then working in the marketing department for a chocolate company could be for you, plus you’ll probably have to sample the product regularly. Brush up on your English language skills because it is a key ingredient for high quality marketing. Marketeers do one thing, they communicate. It is their job to tell the story of a company to the world and capture peoples’ imagination. Having a good command of English language will allow you to do this; unleashing your creativity and imagination in a way others can understand.

3. Lawyer

A lawyers job is one of persuasion. They must put their clients case forward in a positive light to convince judges and juries of their claim. Presenting evidence in a clear, concise way is fundamental to the job and making it persuasive is effective in convincing a jury. As we discussed at the beginning, English language is perfect to inform and influence. Interviewing and cross examining witnesses also needs a set of skills, similar to a journalist. A lawyer must be able to extract pertinent information under pressure.

4. Comedian

So you think you’re funny do you? Comedians are public speakers at heart. They make their money speaking to large crowds in an entertaining and engaging manner. English language is crucial for a comedian as they communicate jokes and anecdotes clearly, enabling the audience to see their often irreverent point of view. It will also help out with those pesky hecklers as having a repertoire of language offers quick witted responses to quieten down the ‘know it all’ at the back.

5. Teacher

It is sometimes forgotten that teachers act similarly to public speakers when addressing students. All teachers require high levels of communication skills in order to inform a class. Not only do they deliver to groups but it is essential to teach one to one with a student who will need information and feedback personalised. We know with our experience at Smithbrook Tuition that teachers and tutors are some of the most highly skilled communicators with the ability to change approaches and methods for every student. It is worthy to note that many comedians start life as a teacher because performing to a class of teenagers seems to act as the perfect apprenticeship.

English Language in Godalming and Cranleigh

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