5 Amazing Jobs That Require Maths

Jobs That Use Maths

There are every day applications of maths that you can take for granted, whether it is simple arithmetic or unconscious calculations made in your brain. It encompasses virtually everything you do without you even knowing it, and there are some jobs that not only use mathematics but actually succeed because of its use.

If you have ever sat in a maths lesson and thought ‘Why do I even need to know this?’ Then you should keep reading. Some of the most interesting careers are built on a foundation of maths.

1. Architect

Architects train in the planning and design of building construction. Buildings are becoming ever more complex in their layout, with challenges including limited space and high rise sky scrapers that you find in London and cities around the world. The planet’s increasing population means that architects need to be creative and efficient with space. Maths is important to ensure designs fit perfectly and structures are safe and robust.

2. Car Designer

Car designers use maths in various ways when creating a new automobile. Interior space has to be calculated to make sure everything can fit; it wouldn’t be much good building a car that couldn’t fit people inside. Maths is also highly important for the vehicle’s exterior. Designing the aerodynamics incorporates large mathematical equations. Formula 1 teams use some of the most sophisticated calculations in the world to make their cars efficient. Their incredible grasp of maths allows them to create prototype parts and products quicker than almost any other industry.

3. Pilot

Pilots include maths in their training and use it on a daily basis. In order to do their job well, they use basic arithmetic combined with algebra, calculus and a thorough understanding of geometry. Computers do a lot of the work on big aircraft but the use of geometry is important for take off and landing, whilst also helping pilots to plans routes and stay on course.

4. Animator

Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Lion King are a few of the most recognisable animated movies ever produced. The animators behind these movies use maths in the form of linear algebra to manoeuvre your favourite characters around the screen. Rotations, size and perspective all have to be taken into account in order to create a life like animation. Disney and Pixar employ people with great maths skills and similar careers, including video game designers, also look for these qualities.

5. Astronaut

When you think of amazing jobs Astronaut has to spring into your head; it couldn’t be left out. Similar to pilots, flying a spacecraft requires maths but there is a whole lot more to the job. Astronauts carry out many different tasks. Scientific experiments are a regular occurrence in space and complex equations are used to help the craft exit and enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Astronauts have a vast array of skills. Engineers, biologists and physicists can all be used in space exploration and need maths in order to do their jobs.

That is a small sample in a world of maths. Designers, scientists and navigators all need a solid understanding of mathematical principals and it is likely that any job they do will utilise the skill. It can only be an advantage to understand the subject in whatever you do.

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Do you have any great job that you think will need maths? Let us know.