Christmas Presents: Educational Christmas Gifts For Children

The best educational Christmas presents for children.

Find the best educational Christmas presents for your children. Smithbrook Tuition have been up and down Surrey’s high streets this week picking our favourite educational gifts this Christmas.


We have tried to find a little something for everyone, and with these ideas you can make learning about numbers, shapes, colours and words fun. For the hands on learners, construction or scientific discovery toys could be filling Santa’s sack on Christmas Eve. Like some of the presents, we have been a bit creative.


Lego Chess and Architecture

It is hard not to get enthused in the Lego store, the array of scenes and objects to be built is mind boggling. From Death Stars to Hogwarts there is certainly something hiding in there to spark your imagination. There are one or two options that could include an educational element to go with the fine motor skills work out of model building.

The pirate themed Lego chess set is perfect for getting children excited in the classic strategic thinking game. Build the board and pieces before outwitting your opponent.

Educational Christmas presents for children including the Lego ChessAvailable from the Lego Store online for £36.79

For those that have shown some interest in the political earthquakes of 2016, maybe some famous world buildings could keep the enthusiasm alive. The Lego White House Capitol Building set might be one to watch out for, with American politics stealing the news limelight recently

World Lego buildings could be great educational Christmas presents

Educational Christmas gifts could include the Lego White house St

Available from Argos Store Guildford for £78.99 

Disney Pixar Rummy

A game for the whole family to enjoy. Get your children excited for card games this festive period with Rummy cards featuring famous Disney characters. A game that will help to develop pattern spotting and a little bit of patience. It is perfect to relax on a cosy boxing day in front of a roaring fire.

Educational Christmas Presents Rummy Cards

Available from The Entertainer Toy Shop Guildford for £12.00

The Big Bang Theory Trivial Pursuit

Teenagers will appreciate this Big Bang Theory Trivial Pursuit . Turn off the television and brush up on your scientific knowledge. Special Bazinga cards add a little chaos and surprise to the gameplay. Hopefully no one in your family is as bad a winner as Sheldon.

Educational Christmas presents could include The Big Bang Theory Trivial Pursuit

Available from Debenhams Guildford for £18.00

Horrible Science

Horrible Science always is a whizz bang of a present for Christmas. We apologise in advance for any mess created by this Explosive Experiments Kit. Have fun producing chemical reactions to fire bottle rockets, erupt volcanos and make your own lava lamp.Christmas presents that are educational include the Horrible Science Explosive Experiments Kit

Available from Debenhams Guildford for £16.00

The Python Puzzle

The Python Puzzle is a popular gift this Christmas; it’s unique design allows creative puzzling. Spend hours solving elephant or turtle puzzles. It is similar to the famous Rubik’s Cube but less frustrating. Adults may find a use for the Python as a stress reliever once the children have gone to bed.

Educational Christmas present pink and blue Python Puzzle from Smiggle in Guildford

Educational Christmas presents from Smiggle Store GUildford

 Available from Smiggle Guildford for £10.00

Solar System Craft Set

Solar System Craft Set, the creative science kit from Smiggle. Build and paint a replica solar system with glow in the dark paints and colours. Children 8 years and over can learn the planets whilst opening up a universe of creativity. N.B. Pluto not included… They are starting to sell out, you can only get them in store.

Educational Christmas presents from Smiggle Guildford include the Solar System Craft Set

Educational and creative Christmas gift, the Solar System Craft Set

Available from Smiggle Guildford

These are our favourite educational Christmas presents that are easy to get your hands on before December 25th. Hopefully, they should excite, intrigue and enthuse children into learning new skills and subjects. We were slightly disappointed in the selection to choose from in the local area with some toy shops completely neglecting any educational angles on the products stocked.

If you have any educational orientated Christmas gifts that you think are amazing please let us know. Smithbrook Tuition are always looking for exciting inventive new ways to have fun whilst learning.

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