SATs Past Papers

SATs Past Papers 2016





We have collated the new format SATs past papers from 2016 to help ensure your child can be prepared for what they are likely to come across in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SATs. Here at Smithbrook Tuition the children are taught the key skills to help them to tackle the papers with confidence. Our fully qualified maths tutors and English tutors are well placed to encourage your child to meet their full potential.

Key Stage 1 Past Papers

KS1 English GPS Paper 1 Spelling

KS1 English GPS Paper 2 Questions

KS1 English Reading Paper 1 Reading Prompt and Answer Booklet

KS1 English Reading Paper 2 Reading Answer Booklet

KS1 Mathematics Paper 1 Arithmetic

KS1 Mathematics Paper 2 Reasoning


Key Stage 1: What’s In The SATs


Key Stage 2 2016 Past Papers

KS2 English GPS Paper 1

KS2 English GPS Paper 2 Spelling

KS2 English Reading Answer Booklet

KS2 Mathematics Paper 1 Arithmetic

KS2 Mathematics Paper 2 Reasoning

KS2 Mathematics Paper 3 Reasoning


Key Stage 2: What’s In The SATs

Parents’ Introduction Guide To The SATs.

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