Why Us

We are confident that we provide exactly what your child needs: Tuition that works.

  • Tuition - girl writingA Qualified Teacher
    A qualified teacher experienced in the school curriculum who will empathise with your child.
  • A Tuition Centre
    A purpose-designed Education Centre with a range of resources.
  • 80 Minute Lessons
    Personalised programmes for each student, designed to target weaknesses and build on strengths.
  • A Choice of lessons
    Two evening sessions a week – 4:00 – 5:20 and 5:30 – 6:50 from Monday to Thursday. Saturday morning sessions.
  • Weekly Homework
    Weekly homework carefully chosen to reinforce what has been taught and boost confidence.
  • Environment
    One-to-one tutors usually work at home where there may often be distractions. We provide face to face teaching in a stimulating, purposeful and supportive environment which is conducive to learning.
  • Individual attention
    Plenty of individual attention and instruction. Students learn skills which they can take back to the classroom.