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Maths tutors near Cranleigh

Maths Tutors in a Supportive Learning Environment

Maths tutors to boost your child’s academic progress and help them to succeed at school. Smithbrook Tuition develops and teaches personalised lessons for students of all abilities for ages 6 to 16+.

Your fully qualified local maths tutor provides professional tuition leading to rapid improvement and lasting results.

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Why Choose a Tuition Centre Over a Private Maths Tutors?

Using a tuition centre like Smithbrook Tuition has many benefits compared to hiring a private maths tutor to help your child’s progress.

It can be tricky in deciding what tutor to trust when faced with a long list or directory. Can you even guarantee they are qualified for the job or do they have the resources to provide the best quality tuition?

Private tuition centres can help remove the headache of choosing private maths tutors. Plus there are bundles of bonuses to boost your child’s academic progress and help them to succeed at school.

Benefits of a Tuition Centre

1. Resources

Tuition centres are packed full of amazing resources that a private tutor simply can’t afford to obtain or store. From traditional methods to modern digital resources, your child experiences a truly tailored learning experience with the latest resources and learning techniques.

2. Qualified Teacher

All tutors are qualified teachers with years of experience working in schools and centres. So your child is guaranteed to be getting a professional tutor to provide the highest level of personalised tuition.

3. Collaboration

Teaching staff are also able to collaborate with each other to boost your child’s progress. Ideas and techniques can constantly be developed to tailor a program perfect for your child.

4. Cost-Effective

We find that Smithbrook Tuition is more cost-effective than most private tutors. Rates for the tuition centre are cheaper than in-home tutors plus sessions are generally longer.

5. Engaging Learning Environment

Each child works to a tailored individual program with face-to-face teaching in a small group environment. Pupils receive individual attention and their progress is carefully monitored.

6. Learn to Work Independently

Often private tutors can end up ‘doing to work’ for a child or does not allow the freedom for a child to work independently and solve problems. In a tuition centre, children still learn in a personalised face-to-face manner with the added bonus of completing work in a more independent fashion.

Smithbrook English & Maths Tuition

Smithbrook English & Maths Tuition, near Cranleigh and Godalming, sits in the stunning Surrey countryside that surrounds our home at Smithbrook Kilns.

Smithbrook Kilns

We provide professional, expert tuition in English and maths at Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and up to and including GCSE. Our tutors also help to prepare students for SATs and entrance exams, including Common Entrance. Through our ‘personal’ tutoring service, our teachers inspire children to love learning and reach their potential.

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