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Here at Smithbrook Tuition we like to keep our fingers on the pulse of all things ‘education.’ This might be at a local level involving schools in Cranleigh, Godalming and surrounding areas; or at a national level.



Assessment or Asstressment?

Nationally, today is the day that the Education Select Committee are meeting to discuss topics including:

  • The purpose of primary assessment and how well the current system meets this
  • The advantages and disadvantages of assessing pupils at primary school
  • Logistics and delivery of the SATs

With the SATs testing English, maths and SPAG, very much at the forefront of our minds, we eagerly await their findings. Whatever the outcome of the committee today, the implementation of the SATs tests will remain unchanged for this academic year. Our current students will find that their lessons cover more of the skills needed for SATs as the Spring term progresses.

£3 billion cuts to school budgets

Worryingly, according to leading to national newspapers, some schools are facing 8% budget cuts in addition to their existing deficits. It would appear that it is not just the NHS which has a ‘postcode lottery.’ The Department for Education has announced that while 10,000 schools will be gaining money, similar numbers will be losing.

Education Secretary, Justine Greening, will announce later today the rules for funding allocation. Here in Surrey we are fortunate enough to have excellent local schools, which we are confident will continue to deliver a high standard of education.

Will 10,000 free independent school places fit in Santa’s sleigh?

Girl learning

Currently, many independent schools claim charitable status, which means they benefit from some tax exemptions. In order to maintain their charitable status, they are required to offer a benefit to the local community.

There is a proposal for independent schools to offer an additional 10,000 places at primary and secondary level to low income families.

Whilst some pupils would be tested for their academic ability, other factors could also be taken into to consideration.

This would be funded with a contribution of £5,550 per child from government. Additional costs would be met by the school itself. Watch this space!

At Smithbrook Tuition we are very experienced in preparing children for entrance exams to independent schools. Should your child need this support, we offer free assessments and advice.





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