Summer Holiday Refresher Courses






Maths and English

We know from experience that the long summer holiday leads to lower grades in September than those achieved in July. With this in mind, we offer flexible refresher sessions in English and maths during the holiday so your son or daughter can return to school in September feeling relaxed, confident and able to achieve their full potential.

Summer Holiday Courses 2018, suitable for children from Year 1 to GCSE, will take place at 9 am and 10.30 am from Monday to Thursday on the following dates:

6th – 9th August,

13th – 16th August,

20th – 23rd August

Maths and English refresher course: 1 hour and 20 mins @ £29.00 (Book 4 or more lessons per child and receive 5% discount.)

Childcare vouchers accepted

Touch Typing

This award-winning typing program is the only one that introduces keys alphabetically.

Battle dragons, play penalty shootout with gorillas and roll giant snowballs at penguins! Mastering the keyboard will give your child a flying start at school and this is the most fun they will have learning to type.

This unique approach makes learning the key positions incredibly quick and easy.

Touch Typing: 4 sessions x 40 minutes £40

Please call or email Sue to book times which suit you.

Tel: 01483 26 82 82